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Haydon Bridge Flood Group

The Haydon Bridge Flood Group was formed after the devastating flooding in January 2005.

The Flood Group works with the Environment Agency and Northumberland County Council to improve the level of flood defences in the Parish and ensure advice is made available for local residents on what to do about their property and personal safety in relation to:-

preparation for and prevention of flooding;

what to do during a flood;

what to do after a flood.

The FLOOD PLAN click Here

Further information is available from the Coordinator for the Community
Flood Group Richard Snowdon: e-mail rads01@btinternet.com

To get information about flood warnings go to the Government website (Flood Warnings)

A helpful Guide to Flood Safety, Resilience and Insurance matters is available by following this external Link

A fisherman's water level webcam for the village old bridge can be checked at Farson Digital Watercams

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