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Haydon Hunt

The Haydon Hunt has its bicentenary in 2009. Since 1971, The Haydon Fox Hounds have been kennelled at Settlingstones, near Newbrough, on the site of a former witherite mine.

The Haydon Hunt country straddles the river South Tyne during much of its length, running from Fourstones, on the western outskirts of Hexham, westwards to the county boundary with Cumbria. Much of the Saturday Country is in this fertile South Tyne Valley. North of this, rising to well over 1000’, lies spectacular Hadrian’s Wall whilst to the south is Hexham Shire, which runs runs through to Cumbria and the foothills of the Pennines. At its most southern extremity, it borders Ullswater Hunt country, although a small strip between the two is currently lent to The North Pennine Hunt. It also adjoins The Bewcastle and North Tyne Hunts to the west and north and The Tynedale and Braes of Derwent Hunts to the east and south. It’s a large and, in many parts, wild and still remarkably unspoiled, stone-wall country, requiring versatile hounds with stamina and a sure-footed horse, at home on heather or grass.

The Haydon currently hunts three days a week; Mondays, usually, are on foot.

Since the inception of the Hunting with Dogs Act, which became law in February 2005, The Haydon continues to hunt only within the legal constrictions imposed; following artificial trails skilfully laid by volunteer members and attempting, so far as is possible, to emulate the real thing. Membership, from all ages and across all walks of life, remains solid and deeply committed to safeguarding the traditions of hunting and the people and animals whose livelihoods depend on it.

To find out more about the hunt and for contact details for the Masters and Committee go to the Hunt’s website www.haydonhunt.com
Or contact the Committee Secretary Julie Dixon (01434 603807)
Email Julie@anickgrange.fsnet.co.uk

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