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Haydon Parish Council

Is made up of 11 councillors. The Council has the power to provide bus shelters, public clocks, cemeteries, land for recreation, and to comment on planning applications among other things. The work of the Parish Council is funded largely by the Precept – which is a (small!) part of your council tax - along with some income from other sources such as grants.

Parish Councils are the tier of local government closest to the people, and are there to serve the whole community. There is a public participation session at the beginning of every full Parish Council meeting, when members of the public are welcome to come along and raise issues of concern within the parish, or comment on items on the agenda. Some of these, like street lighting and highways issues, we will pass on to the relevant department of Northumbria County Council on your behalf.

Your Parish Councillors are Joanne Bates, Ida Burrows, Esmond Faulks (Chair), Brian Howard, Jonathan Keyte, Avril Kirsopp, Kelly Richardson, David Robson, Richard Snowdon, Joanna Thompson, and David Thornhil (Vice-chair)l.

Your County Councillor is Alan Sharp

You can contact the Parish Council via the Clerk:

Mrs Carole McGivern



NE49 0EQ

Telephone 07543 912 113
Email haydonbridgeparish@gmail.com

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