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Haydon Parish Neighbourhood Plan - a work in progress

A Neighbourhood Plan is designed and agreed by the Community. Once adopted, it will become a formal part of Northumberland County Council’s Planning Policy. It will run to 2036 and link with the County’s Local Plan. It will be used to make decisions on planning applications. For example, anyone wishing to build houses in the Parish will be expected to comply with the policies within it. The Neighbourhood Plan will also include a set of community actions, that will sit alongside the policies.

Previous Parish Plans have resulted in real practical action and results, for example the re-building of the Community Centre, the upgrade and re-opening of the library building as The Bridge (community library and visitor information point), a new village website, walks and cycling leaflets, upgrades to the Riverside Picnic area, the Friday Lunch Club, and much more.

Progress so far
The Parish Council has set up a Steering Group of Parish Councillors and volunteers from the community. Action so far has included:
2 community consultation events in April 2019 and February 2020

April 2019 is Here

February 2020 is Here

A Housing Needs Survey – see report Here

A Design Code to inform future developments in the Parish and make clearer what we do and do not want – see report Here
An audit of community facilities – see Here
Work on identifying areas to protect as Local Green Space or Protected Open Space
Work on Mobility and Transport – see Here

A Housing Needs Assessment report - see Here

Summary report - see Here

Report of the November 2020 household survey - see Here

Business Survey - see Here

Summary report of both surveys - see Here

Current action leading to draft Neighbourhood Plan

Using the results of the Housing Needs Assessment to identify the amount, type and tenure of housing needed in the Parish over the length of the plan till 2036.

Pulling together the work on: economy and employment; sustainability; natural environment; and transport.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan for consultation with the community
We are aiming to have a draft plan for consultation in spring 2021.

Haydon Parish Council is the qualifying body for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for their civil parish area. The Parish Council has agreed to establish separate project management arrangements to facilitate the delivery of this plan-making function. The Parish Council has granted delegated authority in exercise of all relevant plan-making functions to the Haydon Parish Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group. The Steering Group sits as the Project Board for project management and decision making purposes and will lead the preparation of the Haydon Parish Neighbourhood Plan. The Group will guide and agree the content of the Plan and all associated evidence and analysis up to Preferred Option Consultation Draft stage.

Terms of Reference for the Steering Group are Here

Parish Map the area of responsibility is Here

Vision, Themes, Objectives, Actions and Timescale details are Here



Legacy Haydon Parish Plan and Village Design Statement 2008 - 2018

During the period from March 2007 to March 2008 the Parish Council undertook a wide consultation with a good response from nearly 300 people who attended public meetings and events and 450 households completing questionnaires.

The residents of Haydon Parish think it is a great place to live. However, they have a key set of concerns which relate to its future sustainability after the by-pass, which was completed in the spring of 2009. These issues relate to the future economy, the physical environment, and the well-being of the communities that make-up the Parish.

From this was developed the Haydon Parish Plan and Village Design Statement.
(Copies of the Parish Plan and its accompanying Village Design Statement are available from the Parish Council and The Development Trust).
Follow this link to download the Haydon Parish Plan. (2.1Mb)
Follow this link to download the Village Design Statement. (4.9Mb)
Follow this link to download the Haydon Parish Map. (1.1Mb)

Progress on 2008-18 Action Plan information is Here



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