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Haydon Bridge Walks Leaflets

Haydon Bridge and Haydon Parish Development Trust has produced two walks leaflets offering a variety of walks around the village.Haydon Bridge Walks Leaflets

Farms, Romans and Countryside is either a seven mile loop, a 13 mile loop through Northumberland National Park and along Hadrian’s Wall, or can be used as a six mile walk connecting the village with Housesteads Roman Fort. The seven mile loop reveals little-known bastle houses in the hamlet of Chesterwood before climbing to offer unrivalled views of the River Allen as it joins the South Tyne. Intrepid walkers on the long walk can visit Housesteads, Hadrian’s Wall’s best-preserved site before returning via the edge of Muckle Moss, a valley mire hidden between the ridges of the Whin Sill.

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Hills and Woods That Inspired An Artist explores the valley to the south of the village in loops of 7¼  or 4 miles. Climbing into the North Pennines AONB through countryside which inspired the works of celebrated Victorian artist John Martin, it passes his birthplace on the outskirts of the village. The shorter loop follows a track overlooking the village and offering fine views of the South Tyne Valley to the west and towards Hadrian’s Wall. The full walk climbs higher, ultimately reaching Stublick Chimney, a relic of the once thriving lead mining and smelting industry in the area. On the way, the views open out even further, beyond Hadrian’s Wall as far as Cheviot and the Simonside Hills.

Click here to download a pdf file of this leaflet (408kb)

Village Walks is a compendium of villagers' favourite strolls around the immediate environs of Haydon Bridge, exploring the riverbank and some hidden corners of the village. These three short and easy walks cover the Riverside, Shaftoe Trust School overlooking the village and the popular riverside walk to take the waters at the historic Haydon Spa.

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Leaflets retail at 50p each. In Haydon Bridge, they are available from The Bridge Community Library, Claire’s Newsagents and the General Havelock Inn. Further afield, the Tourist Information Centres at Hexham, Corbridge and Haltwhistle also have them on their shelves.

Haydon Bridge Family Walks is a children's activity walking trail round the village. It's available free of charge from The Bridge, or can be downloaded here. Why not spend a couple of hours with the family finding out about Haydon Bridge by following the Quiz Trail?

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